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Adding Value Through Experience

Common challenges that face both Suppliers and Distributors within the promotional merchandise world

Consistent Sales Growth - Protecting Margins - Maximising Staff Potential – Moving the business on to the next level.

These can all be within your reach now, but how can you focus upon these critical tasks when you are 100% immersed in the day-to-day challenges of simply running your business and trying to meet the increasing daily expectations of your customers?

The Cedarwick Consultancy provides you with both the solutions and the support to make it happen

Specialising in the world of Promotional Merchandise; the consultancy is based upon over 30 years personal experience, successfully leading and developing businesses within both the Distributor and Supplier sectors of this complex and frequently challenging market.

Growth AcceleratorCedarwick works independently but is also a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

From today, stop being “too busy” and let The Cedarwick Consultancy, business advice and training support; start to help your company achieve your long-term goals!

These can be achieved through a number of the service options, including:  arrow  All geared to bring you positive results within these important areas:
  • Company Strategy Reviews
  • Business Planning and Organisation
  • Business Skills Coaching and Mentoring
  • Sales and Margin Audits
  • Customer / Market Segmentation Strategies
  • Management and Staff Training
  • Targeted Sales Growth, whilst defending and reversing Margin Erosion
  • Reality Business Planning and supported implementation
  • Strategies for targeted Market and Customer development, based upon YOUR current and projected resources
  • Sales and Support Team reviews: objective setting, training, motivation and mentoring
  • Effective Buying Strategies: compliance, S.L.A's, and supplier rebates

Is Cedarwick the right choice for your company?

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Who would benefit from talking to The Cedarwick Consultancy?

Graham WinterBoth new and existing businesses within the Promotional Merchandise and Promotional Clothing markets. Whether you are a manufacturer, an importer, a decorator or merchandise distributor, we are all part of the same complex supply chain through to the ultimate Promotional merchandise buyer within the End User company.

Why should you work with The Cedarwick Consultancy?

Graham WinterOne of the biggest challenges facing any business today is lack of time. The luxury of the time to step back from your business and truly see the operation for both the strong and weak areas is rarely taken. By missing these critical stages of objective business review, companies both large and small all tend to fall into the same trap of repeating their weaknesses and missing real opportunities that may be staring them in the face!

The Cedarwick Consultancy can help you break that cycle

Graham WinterWhether through a one day review meeting, on-going support, or focused training of the team or key members of your staff; Cedarwick can help your business without the risk of you diverting your attention from the crucial day-to-day tasks of actually running your business!

What does Cedarwick have to offer you?

Graham WinterUnlike many business consultancies and sales training organisations, the knowledge and experience behind The Cedarwick Consultancy has grown from within this market. It has lived and breathed the ever changing, fast-paced Promotional Merchandise industry for over 3 decades. Providing a record of accomplishment of successful business and sales achievements from the varying perspectives of both a small trader, right through to the multi-national corporate level, there is a wealth of experience at your disposal. From this experience, The Cedarwick Consultancy has developed a unique insight into both the day to day and the longer-term strategic challenges faced daily by both Suppliers and Distributors throughout the UK.

As a result, any time spent with Cedarwick is constructive time, generating new sales opportunities and bringing tangible additional value to your business. No time is wasted in trying to explain the market, the vagaries of the business flow or the continuing challenges of operating in this creative, turbulent world. Cedarwick hits the ground running for your business!

The Cedarwick approach is "hands on". Targeting the genuine, priority pain points in the business and identifying the opportunities for staff development. All channelled to bring you more time, a greater return for your investment and overall a stronger long-term business position.

How does Cedarwick achieve this?

Graham WinterThrough sound, proven sales and business experience. An analytical approach across; your customer base, your service and product offering, your sales approach, your customer service structure and your management controls. Objectively and professionally combining all of the critical pieces of the business jigsaw to achieve your goals.

Cedarwick will provide this support through flexible, cost sensitive support packages,
targeted exactly where, when and how YOU decide you need it.


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